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Banquet from 3,500 RUB/person Vibrant and conceptual cuisine, and splendid banquet servicing of the celebration that is adapted exactly to your concept of the event. Our in-house production, large staff, and availability of all the necessary furniture allow us to serve any number of guests from 10, in any venue.
Buffet reception from 2,500 RUB/person Perfect snacks in the vein of the latest gastronomic trends for your festive table. Following our unfailing motto, “Every event has its own special history”, we always strive to favorably highlight our clients’ events with unique masterpieces of the signature cuisine. The minimum number of persons for an off-premise banquet reception: 10 persons.
Cocktail reception from 1,500 RUB/person Culinary resourcefulness and gustatory creativity at presentations, conferences, and ceremonies of all sorts. The format involves mini-snacks, one-bite fruit and sweet compliments for your guests accompanied with cocktails, tea, and coffee.
Coffee break from 450 RUB/person Balanced breaks from Uley Catering charge you with energy and take off weariness during conferences, negotiations, and presentations. We accompany coffee breaks with hearty snacks, soft drinks, and sophisticated service. We organize coffee pauses in a quick and tasty manner!
Catering in the outdoors from 2,500 RUB/person Organization of exceptional atmosphere and tasty professional catering in the outdoors with no limitations of the area and the number of guests. Juicy steaks and flavory grilled dishes at any time of the year at your home.
In-flight catering from 6,000 RUB Our company's unique specialization is the organization of premium class catering on board of an airplane, yacht, or motorship, and also in surface transport vehicles. We will compose an individual menu for your trip, and perform delivery in Moscow and the Moscow Region.
Catering for children from 1,500 RUB/person We compose a special menu for the youngest guests, which will delight moms and dads with fresh and healthy ingredients. The organization of a children’s celebration involves joyous food presentation, salads in jars, bright and unconventional miniature snacks and thematic sweets for the children’s table.
Delivery from 6,000 RUB We deliver burgers, sandwiches and snacks, and also banquet and buffet dishes in Moscow and the Moscow Region without servicing. We can organize delivery of advance-ordered customized healthy meals, rations for sportsmen, and dietary dishes at any time. We’ll bring you tasty fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, cheese, vegetarian canapés and mini-snacks to fit every taste!
Important additions We are very scrupulous about details, because it is them that have to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make a perfect event. This section contains the list of Uley Catering’s special services that will be a nice addition to the event. With your consent, we’ll help you allure your guests for each of them to keep memory of their best impressions from the event.