Viennese ball

Viennese Balls in Moscow have held since 2003 and considered the biggest event, not only in Russia, but in the world. Since 2006 Uley Event Catering is regular partner of Viennese Ball and it is being till now.

Венские балы в Москве - Uley Event Catering

Gala Dinner organization for 2000 persons is not easy task, but modern technologies, high-qualified staff and huge experience give opportunity to realize the boldest ideas. At such event as Viennese ball every detail is very important and Uley Event Catering specialists pull off successfully.

Traditionally Viennese ball opens doors before not only Russian guests, but Austrian and from over the world. During last 10 years Uley Event Catering surprised this multinational and tempted public. Exclusive menu is composed on each Viennese ball, much attention is paid for not only taste, but sophistication feed. Our first brand chiefs during menu composing push away from occasion to which ball is dedicated and from ball specific in common.


Uley Event Catering invites companies to sponsor collaboration. Viennese Ball is one of large scale Ball in the world. Become the sponsor you receive fine advertising opportunities for your business. For the more details, please send the require to e-mail: (?).

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