Opening/Closing ceremony

Торжественные церемонии открытия/закрытия - Uley Event Catering

Sport catering is the special catering, which doesn’t the same as other kinds. Catering at the sport events is the whole complex of events. The most bright part is opening and closing ceremonies.

Uley Event Catering has huge experience of sport event catering. Behind us World Cup hockey 2007, Kremlin Cup tennis 2008, Champions League final 2008, World Championships IIAF in Athletics 2013, Rugby World Cup 2013, World Rowing Championships 2014, Formula E 2015 and other sport events.

Having modern technology mobile equipment gives us opportunity to build temporary production of full cycle on the vent territory, if it is necessary.

No one ceremony has cake. Our chief-confectioner prepares exclusive cake of any difficulty. For example, cake with the sport symbol or in symbol shape, as ball or bandy. Delicate dishes which composed by our brand chief adds solemnity and uniqueness.

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