VIP welcome delegation

Sport events are always full of VIP delegation visits from over the world.

Before catering service gets a variety of tasks for comfortable guest being at the events.

VIP welcome delegation - Uley Event Catering

  1. Ceremony in the first VIP delegation visit day. Uley Event catering helps to organize any difficulty welcome. Always remember when you provide high level service you influence positively to your company image and on country image!
  2. Uley Event Catering cares event guests and we allow to feel as at home, by organizing theme tables with national cuisine of all representatives. Highly qualifiedchef organizes delegation nutrition even they arrive from any point of the world.
  3. Very often foreign delegation schedule is very hard. That’s why Uley Event Catering offers nutrition takeaway. Such service allows to gets their traditional nutrition schedule and saves time. Uley Event Catering staff goes with delegation at business trip on the special transport which enables to organize launch or dinner in any placeand in any time.

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