Catering for sportsmen

Sportsmen are the key figures at the any sport event. Their nutrition is always special and strongly differences from guests and organizers menu. After all, nutrition influences on the sport rates and competition results.

Catering for sportsmen - Uley Event Catering

Uley Event Catering composes menu for sportsmen proceeding from personal specific, nutrition schedule, nutritionist recommends and personal trainers recommends. Menu always bases on natural ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to personal demand in nutrition energy value and frequency of consumption for each sportsman. Complying with all requirements, sportsman menu will be delicious and original.

Uley Event Catering specialists consider other factors: vegetarian, halal and kosher dishes are in menu always. Also, dishes without gluten, lactose and other hypoallergenic dishes.

For every sportsman is always available calorific value of each dish for controlling calories consumption and keeping protein, fats, carbohydrate balance.

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