Catering for organizing committee

Catering for organizing committee - Uley Event Catering

Nutrition of organizing committee is the most responsible task at the sport event. Thisprocess is difficult because members have flexible schedule and high workload at thedifferent stage of event.

So far as event order can change due to team results at the competitions, Uley Eventcatering suggests A la Carte restaurant at all days of event for organizing committeenutrition. It is enables to get personal service for every member of committee. Weunderstand all issues of sport event organizing, that’s why service schedule is concernmember schedule.

Uley Event Catering specialists compose personalized menu, we have no issue in organizingof any cuisine of the world. What cuisine you chosen, all dishes will be balanced, useful anddelicious! Service will be elegant and unrepeatable due to pains of our French brand-cheiefs.

Uley Event Catering staff will surprise you by tact and perfect service.We understand that the scale and opportunities of sport events can varies, that’s why wealways guarantee premium level of service in budget limits. Also, you always can changequantity of dishes less than 1 day, This task always is actual, because specifics of sportevents.

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