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Team building - Uley Event Catering

Team Building is very popular format of corporate event. After all, such event gives to staff to rest and to unite.

Catering service is necessary on the teambuilding as on the another corporate event. Our specialists can to solve this task very shorty, due to inputs, they also suggest unusual formats of team buildings, for example, master class.

Shief’s master class is unique opportunity to join by cuisine mystery and to improve skills and to have a fun. Everybody who wants can test as Shief. Also cooking could be as team or personal competition. After Shief’s teaching participants or team of participants test to prepare dishes in limited time. Such event could be organize in any time frames, it depends on scenario, dish quantity and other factors. Master class could be from half an hour till whole day!

Besides that, you can invite our Shief to your company team building for demonstration of cooking dishes. Uley Event Catering’ Shief cooks chosen dishes in front of participants. Paying attention on the special tips, which you can’t find in the books and surprising by show elements.

Master class is possible to organize in any place. It could be office and restaurant kitchen. Our managers help you to choose place if you need. Master class includes ingredients, equipment, textile, staff, and etc.

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