Company holiday

Each company has a lot of holidays: anniversary or company birthday, professional holidays, events for staff and New Year holiday. Corporative holiday implementation is the reason of huge issues. Uley Event Catering offers special service for more easy organization process!

Company holiday - Uley Event Catering

  1. New Year Celebration is the main corporative holiday in the year.. Uley Event Catering has huge experience in such kind of celebration. During 15 years the most popular Russian and foreign companies confide us their holiday mood. That’s why, we and approving our service. Uley Event Catering will make your perfect holiday.
  2. Companies’ anniversary, It is special holiday for each company. Uley Event Catering has huge experience in implementation of corporative events for large companies. Our capacity and staffed production permit us to serve banquets till 10000 persons. But we are happy to offer new year mood to each company even small.
  3. Professional events. Each branch has special day, when employee accepts the congratulations. Banquet serving on such holiday is possible in any place with Uley Event Catering. If you take a decision to celebrate out the city together with teambuilding, it is not an issue. Uley Event Catering has modern high tech equipment and can please your company in any place!

Your New Year party with Uley Event Catering will be perfect, because:

  • Rich database included more than 100 courts, and our specialists can find place, which will be perfect for your event.
  • Uley Event Catering will compose special menu for us due to your wishes and event topic
  • French brand chief and professional and careful staff will make your celebration pleasant and light

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