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The recipe for successes of every event is format chosen correctly. Banquet is the most traditional and popular format. It perfectly approaches for any occasion. It implies seating guests and rich dish assortment.

Buffet – is the popular format of event at the present time. Buffet is the perfect format for the small and short snacks. Such format implies buffet line, where guests choose shacks themselves and staying to eat before cocktail’s tables.

Barbeque is the favorite format of event for city dwellers. After all, such format implies cooking by favorite charcoal mode. Barbeque is perfect not only for friend’s company, but for the corporate events. Barbeque can be as independent event and as part of large banquet or buffet.

Coffee break is the perfect format for food organization on the conference, seminars etc., It implies non-alcohol drinks, for example coffee, tea, juice etc. There are drinks in common with fresh bakery, sandwiches, fruits and other snakes due to client’s wish.

Cocktail is the format of event, which are confused with the buffet. Actually, cocktail is the one of the kind of buffet. On such event snacks are not in the center of attention, but the drinks. Batched snacks and canapé are shielding and emphasizing cocktails softly and they are spread by waiters.

Gala dinner is the kind of banquet. It uses on charitable dinners, award ceremony, presentations and guest meetings, of course.

Delivery from Uley Event Catering is doing well for any event format without service.

Of course, we listed not all event formats, but only the most popular. When you making order in Uley Event Catering, you always get consulting in details from our managers, also they help to choose format, which will be available for your event.

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