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Catering at the such huge event as MIMS is not simple task. Uley Event Catering likes complicated tasks bases on the long term experience, new technologies and modern trends in banquet service.

We offer catering at the car show since 2006. From this period of time our clients became such popular brands as:

  • 1. Mercedes-Benz;
  • 2. Opel;
  • 3. Lexus;
  • 4. Skoda;
  • 5. Citroen;
  • 6. Jeep;
  • 7. Seat;
  • 8. Volkswagen;
  • 9. Suzuki;
  • 10. Cadillac;
  • 11. Toyota and etc.

Uley Event Catering has unique experience to compose concept menu in color with logo of car brand. We offer to our clients to compose newest exclusive dishes and its serving with innovational and brave names like presenting car novelties.Also, we glad to offer to our clients different service formats at the booth. For example, a la carte restaurant for visitors, organizing catering for staff, guests sets, launch boxes delivery or any other formatwhich you wish for your booth.

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