Exhibition events

Catering at the such format has bright specific which deferens from other kinds of events.Despite stereotypes, we can underestimate to service requirements at the business events. After all communication during coffee brake become more effortless and bright different snacks attracts potential clients which presents at the event.

Мероприятия выставочного формата - Uley Event Catering

Uley Event Catering more than 15 years solves the tasks which connected with business events.

It depends on inputs and targets, our specialists find for you format: it could be welcome buffet in opening exhibition day, coffee break at the conference, gala dinner at the multi-day symposium closing day.

If you are exhibitor, we are glad to suggest you restaurant a-la-carte organization at the booth or any other format of service. We always suggest only different menu at each day event, also adapt to order changes, and add to food schedule.

If you are organizer of workshop or exhibition, Uley Event Catering help you to make welcome buffet, coffee breaks, set- menu, launch and dinners and etc.

Out specialists find for you service format for any event. They care about all details and your event will be perfect.

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