Children’s holiday

You have a task to celebrate children holiday? Uley Event Catering will help you in such difficult and troublesome case on the highest level.

Children catering has several key differences from usual catering:

Children’s holiday - Uley Event Catering

1.First of all, it is drinks on the kid’s events. Milk based cocktails, lemonades make on the fresh juice and ice-cream base and of course with fruits and berries.

2. There is special composed menu for children. Uley Event Catering prepare what children like and eat with saving product’s usefulness. Uley Event Catering always suggests menu to please children desires, but bases on fresh ingredients and by special technology, plates are healthy and useful. Due to client’s desire we can compose dietetic and hypoallergenic menu. There are no spicy souses in dishes. Portions are not large and tableware are safe and usable. Children deserts are the field for fantasy. Favorite cartoon and comics heroes, al of them you can see on the bisquits, cap-cakes and other deserts.

3. And of course, another difference is dish décor. Food design is one of the most difficult task. After all, dishes have to be delicious, healthy and fun.

One more important advantage is the opportunity to organize children event in any place. In the flat or house, outdoors, in the classroom or kindergarden and of course on the any rent place, which our staff can find for you. Uley Event Catering suggest for rent all necessary: marquees, furniture, tableware, textile, etc., if any place you choose.

Our staff organize different animation stations for fun time of our small clients. For example, young culinaries can test themselves in food, deserts and lemonade cooking.

Children holiday organizing put trust in Uley Event Catering and take a pleasure by event with your child!

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